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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” There are many issues in life related with education such as:

1) Is it difficult to decide which stream is suitable for you or for your child?

2) Is your child unable to sustain his/her studies?

3) Should your child go abroad for higher studies?

4) Has your child good future in dance, cricket or any other activity?

5) Should you do job or start business or practice?

It is true to say that majority of people are not satisfied in their job and struggle in the career mainly because they have no idea about the best line of career suitable for them according to the planetary positions in their horoscope. They choose a wrong career because they could not choose the right stream of education suitable to them spontaneously.

By making an astrological consultation with Dev Sshaah on your horoscope you can simply choose the best line of education and career for you which can bring income, success and prosperity in your life.