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“One mind has thousand questions.” Sometimes we must want to get answer of our questions. Due to nature of question, people cannot get appropriate answer because there is no common way to get answer of some questions. You can get this service if you do not have your accurate birth time and at the same time you have cleared question in mind. Prashna Astrology is based on the question you ask.

We have useful method by which you can get answer of your question. We ask our clients to follow below procedure:

Step 1: Form a well defined and cleared question in your mind.

Step 2: Think any number between 1 to 249 and let the number flash in your mind. Please don’t think of any ‘lucky’ or numerological number. Just let the number rise up in your mind.

You can ask a single question on any matter such as :

1) Should I buy this lottery ticket or not? Can I win any prize in lottery?

2) Will your love affair succeed? Or is there a break-up?

3) Will you get visa of any country?

4) Will you get back your money?

5) Should you purchase particular building for home or office? Will it make you happy and wealthy?

6) Should you make your house or buy a house?

7) Is the business partner good for you? Or will he or she cheat you?

8) Will I get increment in my current job?

9) Will the Court decision go in your favor?

You can ask any question on marriage, love, relationships, health, child birth, job, increment, money, education, family, relatives, chance to go abroad, etc.